Behind Ineratec

„Let’s get something meaningful done!“

According to this motto, the founders and managing directors of INERATEC GmbH, Dr.-Ing. Tim Böltken, Philipp Engelkamp and Dr.-Ing. Paolo Piermartini, together with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Pfeifer from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), started in 2014. Due to trustful collaboration with our clients from the industry and partners from applied research, INERATEC has built up an excellent international reputation in the field of innovative chemical reactor technology and beyond. We owe our success primarily to our employees’ inventiveness and passion, to the integrity of our management team and to our clients’ trust.

Together we want to achieve something meaningful and to actively shape the future.


Delegate of the Board of Directors
Christian Bersier
+41 792 384 171



We are a diverse group of project managers, designers, engineers, economists, marketing professionals and dedicated students coming one step closer to the big goal each day.